Farmers &
Threshermens Jubilee

September 6-10, 2023

Mountain Craft

September 8-10, 2023

Flax Scutching

September 16-17, 2023

Ligonier Highlands

September 16, 2023

4 Fall Festivals in the Laurel Highlands

Metal behemoths spout steam, shake the earth and generate awe at the Farmers and Threshermens JubileeFarmers and Threshermens Marker.

Piercing, haunting notes of bagpipes will stir your soul as they fill green glens and fields, during the Ligonier Highland GamesLigonier Highlands Games.

You’ll be amazed by Mountain Craft Days’ Mountain Crafts Days demonstrations of the ingenuity and work required to make basic items during the 18th century.

And you will see how the labor-intensive task of making linen cloth is a cause for celebration at the Stahlstown Flax Scutching FestivalFlax Scutching Festival.


These four fall festivals celebrate the Laurel Highland’s history and heritage by offering fascinating demonstrations, colorful entertainment and folk-style foods. While each is unique, all four offer authentic experiences during a beautiful time of year.

Learn more here at, then plan to spend some of your September time in the Laurel Highlands and enjoy all four festivals!

For driving directions to any of the four fall festivals, just click its corresponding pin on the map, then click this symbol:


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