Flax Scutching Festival in Stahlstown PA

What is “scutching”? You can learn the answer to that question (then stump your friends) by experiencing the annual Stahlstown Flax Scutching Festival. For more than 100 years, people here have preserved the pioneer craft of scutching – the process that turns flax-plant fibers into linen cloth.

An Early American Event

Because scutching was long and laborious, settlers would gather together to do it and created the first flax-scutching festivals. Today, the Stahlstown festival is the oldest active scutching festival in the nation. In addition to demonstrating the process, the festival features antique farm machinery, arts and crafts sales, live traditional music and home-style cooking that includes buckwheat cakes and sausage. Another annual tradition is a mock American Indian raid that commemorates the early years of European settlement within the Ligonier Valley.

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Stahlstown Flax Scutching Festival

September 16-17, 2023

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Monticue Grove
1703 Route 711
Stahlstown, PA 15687

(724) 593-2119



Flax Scutching Festival 

Flax Scutching Festival Green MarkerThe Flax Scutching Festival is about 15 minutes’ drive from the Ligonier Highlands Games marker Ligonier Highland Games and is within 45 minutes of Mountain Craft Days Mountain Craft Days and Farmers and Threshermens marker Farmers and Threshermens Jubilee.

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